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Attaching your sticker to the shirt

This information can be used for all of our products

Peel off the vinyl backing of the pre-made sticker. Position the sticker over the t-shirt in the “designated area”. Once the design is properly placed to your liking, press your design firmly onto the t-shirt. You can re-adjust your sticker by removing it and repositioning.


I have enclosed  pre-made stickers for you to use for your t-shirt sticker design. You can use one or as many stickers that fit in the oval area.


To change the design, peel the whole sticker from the designated area and place the sticker directly onto the outside of the plastic bag the t-shirt came in. This will allow the sticker to be used again.


We encourage the removal of all stickers from the shirt at the end of each day. The stickers, however, can be changed as many times throughout the day. All stickers must be removed prior to washing the t-shirt, otherwise the sticker will likely get ruined. If needed, use gentle motion with eraser to remove any remanence of sticker.



Washing Instructions

Peel ALL stickers off the “designated area” and place the temporary/reusable sticker on the plastic bag included with t-shirt (you can also use a photo page or sticker album to house the stickers). Place the t-shirt inside out WITHOUT ANY STICKERS in COLD water wash on DELICATE or GENTLE cycle. For best results, DO NOT DRY!


If your t-shirt starts to peel at the designated area, place a pillowcase (or transfer paper) over the area and use a hot iron without steam over the pillowcase (or transfer paper) for 15-20 seconds. If this does not help, please contact us at the email below.


Our stickers are designed to be reused and our shirts are meant to be redesigned. 


If you would like to purchase more t-shirts or removable stickers, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


Thank You and Have Fun!


*Patent Pending

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